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 こどもを産む前後 3年間の暮らしの中で 撮った写真を集めた。 お腹に子が宿り、ふとしたことが愛おし く美しいと感じるようになった。大きなところから小さなところへと私の視点は変化 し、日常で身近に自然を感じ、流れていく 時をゆっくり感じた。小さな草木は太陽の 光を浴び、あたたかな風が吹 き白い音を奏でていく。遠い 空から降る雨は、ときに優し くときに強く、地面と戯れリ ズムを刻み香を生み出す。移 ろいゆく季節は、毎日多彩な 色や音を放ち新しい顔をみせ てくれる。成長していくこど ものように。 風になでられながら、私は 風景をなで写真を撮る。

when the wind caresses me

 This is a collection of photographs taken during the three years before and after the birth of my child. With a child in my belly, I began to feel that every little thing was lovely and beautiful. My perspective changed from the big to the small, and I felt nature close to me in my daily life and felt the time flowing slowly. Small plants and trees basked in the sunshine, a warm breeze blew and made a white sound. The rain falling from the distant sky, sometimes gentle, sometimes strong, played with the ground and created a rhythm and fragrance. Every day, the changing seasons show us new faces with a variety of colors and sounds. It is like a child growing up. As the wind picks up, I stroke the landscape and take pictures.

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