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Sivananda Yoga



​ インドの都市からきたヨガの資格を取るために来た女の子や、旅の途中で訪れた人々。ヨガを学ぶ為に海外かた来た方と生活しゆったりとした平和な時間を過ごした。会う機会のない人達と寝食とヨガを共にした。



 The yoga ashram is located in the mountains about 30 kilometers from Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, South India. We took a bus to the ashram in the hot weather.

At the ashram, we did yoga twice a day, and meditated in satsangha in the early morning and evening. The rest of the day was spent doing the yoga of life, doing good deeds, and being in touch with nature.

There are girls from Indian cities who have come here to get their yoga certification, and people who have come here on their travels. I spent a relaxing and peaceful time living with people who had come from abroad to learn yoga. I ate, slept, and practiced yoga with people I never had the chance to meet.

 Wherever I was, time was flowing, and wherever I was, people were breathing the air and soaking up the sun.

It was a place where I felt the quiet flow of time and wind.

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