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landscape and forest













 Landscape is an encounter with the self

When I look at the world in front of me and take a deep breath, I have the sensation of dissolving into it.

Landscapes always bring a richness beyond the visual.

Nature always seems to be there in the same way, but everything is alive and moving in time and space.

Every little stone, soil, water, and air is unconsciously created to be here.

I respect the existence of history and feel that we are a part of it.

I love the forest.

When I put myself in the forest, I quietly fall onto the earth and am reminded that I am a part of nature.

It's an empty place, full of life and history, and the time it takes to become one with it is very tense.

I say hello and blend in.

Sometimes I want to leave quickly, and other times I want to sit there forever.

I worship the trees that live motionless and honor the stories of the mysterious world.



みくりが池 富山 日本 Mikuriga Pond Toyama Japan

八ヶ岳 長野 日本   Yatsugatake Nagano Japan

屋久島 鹿児島 日本  Yakushima Kagoshima Japan

やんばる 沖縄 日本  Yanbaru Okinawa Japan 

奄美大島 鹿児島 日本 Amami Oshima Kagoshima Japan

加計呂麻島 鹿児島 日本 Kakeroma Island Kagoshima Japan

タスマニア オーストラリア Tasmania Australia

アメリカ オレゴン州 ポートランド Portland, Oregon, USA

アメリカ カリフォルニア州 レッドウッド国立公園 Redwood National Park, California, USA

アメリカ カリフォルニア州 ビッグサー Big Sur, California, USA

アメリカ アリゾナ州 セドナ Sedona, Arizona, USA

アメリカ ハワイ州 ハワイ島 Hawaii Island, Hawaii, U.S.A.

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