Designed by Y.Yamada / peacs inc.

2020 Printed by Kenbunsha

Printed in Japan Tomato Press

170×290mm 56( +4)page 

2000jpy(tax in)

​  視界に広がる対象を見つめ風景の時の流れを想う


影は光を見つめ光は影を見つめる 静かな広がりの中、風が吹き光が鳴る 風は想像を撫で目の前の対象を包み流れていく 五感の記憶に偶然を残す




 Look at the object in view
Thinking of the stream of time in the landscape
In the sense of sight, the landscape breathes,become a consciousness, become

a sensation

The shadow looks at the light and the light looks at the shadow
In the quiet expanse, the wind blows and the light sounds
The wind strokes the imagination and flows around the object
in front of me
Leaving a fortuitous in the memory of the five senses

When I put myself in nature, I can feel the breath in the dirt and sand under my feet. Life lives in a cycle, changing and building relationships with each other
I went there to capture this breathing nature




This is a photozine of forests and nature i met  

in Tasmania, the big Islands, the U.S. and Japan