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rainbow gathering

 Gather for a month somewhere in nature around the world to share experiences and live together as a family. Live self-sufficiently without electricity, using the power of nature. Live by the moon and the sun.

We stayed at gatherings in Turkey and Thailand and spent time with families from around the world. We lived in the midst of nature, touching the soil, water, and forest, watching the movement of the sun and moon, setting our time, and thanking the sun, moon, and earth. No matter where you are or what kind of creature you are, you are born from the same nature. We become one with nature, with the mountains and the sea. People breathing quietly, feeling the mountain air with their whole body. It made me think about what happiness is, what freedom is, and what living things are. The connection with my family that I experienced and shared that time with is like water. It is like spring water that regenerates and is born again in me. I treasure it.

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